Redinent Innovations, a pioneering startup specializing in cybersecurity solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, proudly announces its recognition as the Most Innovative Product Company of the Year in the cybersecurity industry. This prestigious award, bestowed by Data Security Council of India, acknowledges Redinent Innovations for its groundbreaking contributions to securing IoT ecosystems.

In the era of digital transformation where the proliferation of IoT devices such as IP CCTV cameras, Access Control, EV Charging Stations, Smart Lights, Smart Energy meters, Smart Wearables and Smart city related sensors has surged exponentially, Redinent Innovations has emerged as a trailblazer, addressing the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in this increasingly interconnected world. The company’s innovative product, Redinent IoT Threat Scanner, has set new standards for safeguarding IoT devices and ensuring the integrity of connected systems.

Unlike traditional security solutions that focus on managed endpoints, Redinent’s IoT Threat Scanner is built on ground breaking technologies such as protocol specific novel attack vector detections, white labelled firmware detections, deep asset intelligence to provide a comprehensive and adaptive security solution tailored specifically for IoT devices. Redinent’s solution has seen successful deployments across Oil & Gas, Aviation, Metro Rail and Critical Infrastructure verticals.

DSCI recognized Redinent Innovations for its commitment to innovation, dedication to addressing the unique challenges of IoT security, and the potential impact of Redinent on the cybersecurity landscape.

Divyanshu Verma (Co-founder & CEO), the visionary leader behind Redinent Innovations, expressed gratitude for the award, stating, “We are honoured to receive the Most Innovative Product Company of the Year award. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team. At Redinent Innovations, we are passionate about securing the future of IoT, and our solution exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity. I’d like to thank the entire team of DSCI under the leadership of Vinayak Godse for recognising Redinent for this prestigious award”.

With this award, Redinent Innovations solidifies its position as a leading force in the cybersecurity industry, demonstrating that innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence are at the core of its mission.

An Expression of Gratitude
Our achievements would not have been possible without the support, and wholehearted encouragement from our cherished clients, channel partners, industry association partners, academic partners and our investors. They have stood by us at every juncture, offering unwavering support.

We eagerly anticipate continuing our pursuit of excellence with your continued help and support.

Lastly, we extend heartfelt congratulations to our remarkable team—comprising individuals from all departments including our service providers and consultants. It truly takes a collective effort to turn dreams into reality.

About the DSCI award
The DSCI, established by NASSCOM® as a non-profit industry organization for data protection in India, is dedicated to formulating best practices, standards, and initiatives in the realms of cybersecurity and privacy.

The objective of the DSCI Excellence Awards is to emphasize the global standing of Indian companies as service providers and underscore their adherence to international best practices in safeguarding customer data, privacy, and cybersecurity. This event is a collaborative effort between DSCI and NASSCOM.

The NASSCOM-DSCI Excellence Awards are designed to acknowledge and commend organizations that present innovative product concepts and emerging companies that enhance resilience, mitigate actual risks, foster trustworthiness, and cultivate an environment conducive to business growth.