Exciting News! ? CIMP-BIIF and Redinent Innovations have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at supercharging the skills, capabilities, and strategic solutions available to industries and organizations in Bihar and Eastern India.

In light of the recent green light from the Indian Parliament for the Data Protection Data Privacy Act (DPDP 2023 Act), the need for a central hub for cybersecurity expertise and solutions in Bihar has never been more urgent, especially for our beloved MSMEs. This hub will empower them to embrace cutting-edge tools, techniques, and processes (TTP) that safeguard their digital assets following the golden rule of the cybersecurity world: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility (CIA).

Redinent Innovations, an emegring cybersecurity startup on the Indian scene, stands shoulder to shoulder with renowned names like CERT-IN, the apex cybersecurity authority under MEITY, BEL, TCIL, USI, and international organizations. Together, we’ve forged a strong partnership with CIMP-BIIF, focusing on nurturing entrepreneurship and mentoring aspiring B-Hub startups.

Our journey has been marked by extraordinary achievements, including the discovery of multiple “Zero Day” vulnerabilities in the products of global giants such as Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, and even recent breakthroughs in exposing vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations in TeslaMate software, which powers Tesla cars.

Now, we’re embarking on an ambitious endeavor! Redinent and CIMP-BIIF are teaming up to establish a pioneering Model Security Excellence Centre (SEC) that spans the realms of IT, IoT, OT, cloud computing, and mobile devices. This SEC will serve as a beacon of strength for organizations and institutions not only in Bihar but also in neighboring regions, arming them with the expertise needed to fend off cybercrimes, cyberattacks, and cyber warfare.

Our leaders, Kumod Kumar, CEO of CIMP-BIIF, Dr. Rana Singh, Director of CIMP, and Divyanshu Verma, CEO of Redinent Innovations, have made a united pledge: This SEC is poised to catalyze the growth of research and entrepreneurship in the thrilling domain of cybersecurity in Bihar. In recognition of the burgeoning importance of cybersecurity and data security, we have exciting plans for future initiatives, geared toward nurturing a world-class talent pool of cyber defenders right here in Bihar. Our inspiration? The proven success of Israel’s cybersecurity capabilities and competency development. Our vision? To make Bihar the go-to hub for cybersecurity startups in this corner of the world. Join us on this exhilarating journey! ?? #CybersecurityInBihar